Our Story

Our Story

Love Online šŸ”„

As do many relationships these days, Adam and Taylor's connection was sparked online. Taylor's profile ignited Adam's interest, and over a few dates, they fanned the new flames of their romance.

Fine, you've got us! It was Tinder, okay??

Taking a Break

After a few months of dating, Taylor broke up with Adam. It was getting too real, too quick, and she needed some space.

However, the break was short-lived. They tried hanging out as friends, but it never ended well. While platonically attending a concert at Iroquois Ampitheater, insult was added to injury when a bird pooped on Adam as Taylor friend-zoned him.

Round Two, For Keeps

During their "let's be friends" phase, Taylor flew out west to help her friend Claire move back to Louisville, and on the long drive, she wouldn't stop talking about Adam. Claire noted how much he was popping up in the conversation and said that Taylor either needed to forget about him and move on OR call him when they got back to Kentucky.

And she did. Adam came over and made her dinner (seriously, Adam?? she dumped you). After thoroughly kicking his ass at rummy, Taylor was confident enough to ask him to be her boyfriend, officially (oooOOOOoooo!).

Domestic Bliss

In March of 2019, Adam moved in with Taylor, and promptly all of his worldly possessions were sold. Making her home into their home was hard, but eventually the little house on Texas Avenue was a haven--full of love and the delicious smells of Adam's cooking and Taylor's baking.

And then 2020 happened...

Despite being locked inside the same four walls for months on end (or maybe because?!), Adam and Taylor grew closer than ever, and through the stress and fear of lockdown, it became clear that life was better together. (Even though Adam killed Taylor's sourdough starter TWICE!)

Happy Tears

They traveled up to Wisconsin to visit Taylor's parents in November 2020, and during a camping trip in Taylor's Falls, they went on a hike in Interstate Park. It was a clear, cold morning along the St. Croix river between the two states where Taylor grew up, and it was just the two of them (and some rock climbers and also baby Bean). Two things made her hopeful that this might be the moment: first, he put on a weirdly dressy shirt to go hike in the middle of nowhere, and second, he kept patting his pockets suspiciously. But she didn't want to get her hopes up and thought instead that he just really didn't want to lose the keys to the van.

They clambered a bit off trail to a ledge overlooking the river, and Adam asked Taylor to marry him.

And the rest, as they say, is history.